Smart Protect Legacy Max

Greater legacy then inspiring endless possibilities.

Precautionary measures are crucial to safeguard your loved ones against the challenges they may encounter when you are no longer with them. While you may not be able to predict what the future will hold, you can protect and strengthen your financial security with some planning now.

With SmartProtect Legacy Max, you can ensure that you have sufficient financial resources to take care of your loved ones if the unexpected strikes.

On top of the benefit of life insurance and coverage till the age of 100 next birthday, this plan grants you access to a host of professionally managed unit funds and a flexible premium payment term to suit your goals. This will help provide a greater, brighter and more secure financial future for your loved ones – even the generations to come .


Longer protection with flexible premium payment terms

SmartProtect Legacy Max allows you to enjoy long-term coverage until age 100 next birthday, with premium payment term options of 5, 10, 20 or 30 years .

Additional coverage for accidental death

You will receive an additional amount of your Basic Sum Assured in one lump sum upon accidental death prior to the policy anniversary of age 70 years next birthday .

Additional 1% sum assured each year

An additional 1% of your Basic Sum Assured will be provided to you upon every completed policy year, should death or TP occur, up to a maximum of 30%.

Security of No-Lapse Guarantee

SmartProtect Legacy Max comes with a No-Lapse Guarantee in the first 6 policy years. This valuable feature ensures that your policy will continue to remain in-force even if your TIV becomes zero, so long as your premiums are paid consistently and no withdrawals are made in the first 6 policy years.

Booster reward to celebrate policy milestones

A booster reward of 12% of your Basic Sum Assured will be credited into your TIV  account, provided the policy is in-force and all premiums due are paid up-to-date.

Financial flexibility for a secure tomorrow

To safeguard your family’s financial security in the future, you can bolster the resources you leave them with the option of boosting the investment value of your policy via single premium top-ups.

High protection against death and TPD

With coverage starting from RM500,000, your loved ones will not be financially burdened should death or TPD occur.

Boosted protection with optional riders

You can enjoy greater peace of mind by attaching optional riders to your SmartProtect Legacy Max plan .